Sunday, December 12, 2010

You have no idea how long it's taken me to get going with this. I've been procrastinating, because being the perfectionist I am, I couldn't decide how to proprely launch. So I think I'll just go back to the very beginning, with my own version of the creation myth:

In the beginning, there was light.  Only light. Uncreated, limitless self-effulgent light.  Within the light was silence.  Within the silence was the potential of all sound, in absolute harmony.  Within the harmony was stillness.  Within the stillness was the essence of all movement, in perfect rhythm.   Within the rhythm was pure consciousness. Within the consciousness there was untainted supreme bliss.

This was the only existence; all-pervasive, undivided, uncaused, without borders, with no beginning, no middle and no end.  This was the oneness of reality: truth, undefined by falsehood; love, independent of hate; joy unrelated to sorrow; one eternal being without a second. 

And then the uncreated being began to create.  From its uncontested will, came forth an illusion.  The light withdrew from the infinite space it occupied, like a vast breathing in of unimaginable proportions.  Curling inward upon itself, the light with all its attributes retreated, leaving in its place an utter darkness, the absence of light, void of all presence.  The compression of all existence at last reached a critical point, where for the briefest possible moment, the light had disappeared altogether. Darkness appeared to reign supreme.

Suddenly, in a brilliant, explosive exhalation, the movement reversed.  Bursting forth into the darkness, that which had been one being became fragments of matter, hurling out in all directions, scattering throughout the void.  In this instant, with this simple movement, this breathing in and breathing out, a pair of opposites came into being.  There was darkness and there was light.  There was heat and cold.   The energy, once a singular wholeness, now appeared as opposing forces, positive and negative.  The effect of this division was to put in play an unstoppable process of creation, increasingly complex in nature, revolving about an exquisite marriage of opposites in endless attraction; of chaos and order, seemingly random, yet imbued with purpose.  Elements came into being, in turn forming compounds. Interactions became immutable physical laws.  Gases burned, solids collided. Nature had begun, following the impulse of that supreme intelligence which was its source.  The universe was born.

Okay. I feel better now.


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  2. Check out Vortex math, by Marko Rodin and especially Randy Powell. YouTube has some video sequences that not only describe the very thing your are writing of, but also mesh God and energy in it as well. Well worth your time.

    1. Thanks! For some reason, I hadn't been getting notifications when people left comments. I just now happened to be reviewing some of my old posts and found this. I'll definitely check into those YouTube videos.